About Union

What is Union?

College isn’t just for studying. University Union is a great way to get out of the classroom and get more involved on campus. Shows are inexpensive with special prices for activity fee-paying students and plenty of opportunities to get involved. Composed of six specialized divisions, University Union provides unique entertainment for the campus community, ranging from concerts and lecturers. A variety of shows, concerts, films, Dawgs After Dark, Homecoming activities and prolific speakers are just some of the activities organized by Union. Programs are selected by students, for students and the campus community, resulting in a wide variety of shows suited to the diverse tastes of the Athens audience.

How to Join Union

Attend our weekly meetings every Tuesday at 5:30 in room 137 of Old Tate. Speak with the division coordinator of your choice OR Stop by the Union Offices in room 102 of the Tate Student Center.

Board of Governors

The ruling body of University Union is made up of nine students, known as the Board of Governors (BOG). BOG consists of the six division coordinators, plus the Union President, Vice-President, and Promotions Director. BOG works with the four Union advisors to oversee the operation of all divisions, coordinate programming, and implement Union-wide policies. Visit Tate room 102 to speak with one of the members of BOG to learn more about University Union and University Union’s Board of Governors.


Our Mission

To create diverse and enjoyable experiences by providing inclusive, quality activities for the University community. All programs are selected, promoted and produced by students for students.